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Jada E

The High Healer

Tarot Reader, Spiritual Health & Wellness Advisor, Certified Dr. Usui Reiki Master,

Birth + Postpartum Doula


Welcome to the High and Healing family. My name is Jada and the best way to introduce myself is I'm your best friend that you've never met who's always been looking out for you. I am here to serve as a mirror, to encourage you to look within and cultivate your own internal power rather than waiting for someone to dissect the answers for you––we are here to act, live, do, and be for ourselves. I am a spiritual advisor who offers a space for discussion to encourage introspection with the use of Tarot and oracle cards. I have spent three years focusing on my own introspection and personal reflection, focusing on shadow work and addressing childhood wounds in order to liberate myself from my past and redefine the direction of my life. With strong ancestral traditions in rootwork and being blessed with the gift of serving as a vessel of communication between the divine and the collective, I have also taken these past two years to cultivating my intuitive gift and educate myself within multiple forms of traditional and new-age divination. Over these past few years as I've gone through this period of self reflection and spent time gaining a stronger connection with my ancestors and spirit guides, the most important thing I have learned is restoring our personal power is the key to the liberation of the individual and the reconnection to the collective body. We are to see both the light and dark sides of our truth in order to elevate on our own personal journey as well as serve our role within the collective as healer, dreamer, seeker, creator, caretaker, etc. Within these discussion based sessions, we will address your present energy, looking at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, and provide the most effective and healthiest tools that will guide you on your journey of introspection in order to step into your personal power and liberate yourself from outer-worldly and internal limitations and may this liberation reconnect you with your inner child and higher self and empower you to find your place within the collective journey towards elevation. Not only am I here to offer a space to encourage self-reflection on growth, but I serve as a Reiki master and birth Doula, providing myself as a channel of universal energy for those who are open to receiving and a support system and community for birthing parents and their families. I am here to serve as a support system for all my clients in whatever capacity we work in, so, I invite you on this journey as we become high and heal, as we cultivate and create, as we liberate and collaborate and form our own community. 

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