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Prior to booking or making a purchase through my shop, it is required you read through the policy. If there are any further questions, please contact me at

​Booking Readings or Reiki

  • Readings are an exchange of energy in which I provide myself as a vessel of communication between you and your guides and receive financial compensation in return, all prices reflect that. Past clients and those subscribed to my newsletter will receive discounts and in some events, I offer discounted, smaller readings for those who would still like clarity, but cannot afford the full prices.

  • I am a trained and certified Reiki Master of the Dr. Usui method, I am a channeler of Reiki that the recipient receives to heal themselves where Reiki energy is needed

  • All readings and reiki sessions are confidential, no information provided when booking the session, during the session, or after the session is shared with anyone other than the client. 

  • Client consents to the use of their review being used on and Jada E Gainer's twitter @highandhealing unless stated otherwise.

  • For any spiritual advisement or intuitive reading, all clients must be 18 years old or older and must have legal documentation proving they are of age. I do not provide services for minors under Washington, DC District Law

  • I do not provide readings on any legal related situations or death.

  • I do not confirm twin flames in love readings, but I will clarify any past life bonds or soul chords between you and your partner.

  • I am not a licensed psychologist and serve as a spiritual advisor, any actions or choices made post reading are not my responsibility. 

  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Please remember that readings are not therapy sessions and cannot provide the mental health services one may need, if your situation is larger than what can be answered in a reading, please make an appointment with a therapist. 

  • The day you book your session for is the day you will receive it via email as a written PDF or audio file with a picture of the spread. If a phone call is agreed upon, the session will take place the exact time of your appointment. 

  • I try my best to stay on schedule however please remember I am only one person, I have a personal life with other commitments, and I am an energy worker. I appreciate patience and in the event your reading is not done by the day of your appointment, I will email you with an update as quickly as possible and reschedule your reading to be performed within seven days of your original booking date. If I feel rushed, I will cancel your session with a 75% refund and you will not be allowed to book again.

  • I do not offer refunds for sessions, if you chose to cancel your booking, your payment will roll over as credit to be used for another service or for the High and Healing shop and must be used within 60 days of your refund process date. In the event I cancel the session for any reason other than the one listed above, you will receive a full refund. 

  • If your session is a phone call and you need to reschedule, please contact me at with all your booking information and list three times you will be available. Rescheduling must happen 48 hours before the set booking date. If there is an emergency the day of your session, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. I will allot a 7 day grace period to reschedule. 

  • After being sent your reading, you have 48 hours to ask any follow up questions if you're in need of clarity or more specificity. 

  • Upon booking a Reiki session, you MUST check your email for further information and detail and to also fill out the Reiki client intake and consent form. I cannot perform reiki without your consent. If the form is not done 24 hours before the session, Reiki will not be performed and you will not be able to receive a refund.

Doula Services 

Please contact me for information regarding birth support.

Purchasing Herbal Joints

  • All sales are final, I do not offer returns.

  • You have 72 hours post purchase date to change your shipping address, to make the change, please contact me at with your purchase information and updated address.

  • I am a small business with a small team, please allow added wait time during holidays. All shipments are made through USPS and with the pandemic, they are dealing with their own delays.

Policy: About


To keep it candid with my clients, I find it best to share my practices and rituals I do as I prepare to work with the collectives energy. If you would like insight on how I prepare, proceed, and close readings, you can read below my general list of practices. 

  • Prior to all client and collective readings, I take a shower to physical clean my vessel, to rid myself of any energy that may still be on me from the day or moment before.

  • I light an incense to cleanse the space, cleansing my hands with Florida Water, water my planets to connect with the earth and divine beings of nature, and center myself within the moment. I drink water as well as a cup of tea and spend time mediating on what I'm grateful for and what I hope to gain out of my day. 

  • Immediately before starting readings, I bless the deck, spend time speaking with the deck, and ask that I am brought the most clearest message to the collective and am energetically protected as I become a vessel of communication between the divine and the collective. 

    • Within these readings, I call on the divine creator to open the door between the 3D and the 5D, I am protected and energized by my personal ancestors, and I am intuitively channeling ​messages from your ancestors and guides and will let you know these exact people if they make themselves clear to us.

  • At the end of every reading, I cleanse the deck and my body. Between each reading, I nourish my body with a snack or full meal, continuing to drink water throughout the reading and after the reading. 

  • After all readings are done, all decks are cleansed through a closing ritual and I take time to reflect on my personal lesson from the day and thank spirit for what just took place.

  • Under full moons, all decks are reorganized and cleansed to recharge under the full moon. 

  • Anytime the moon is in Aries or there is a full or new moon, I do not work and take that entire day for my own healing, reflection, and manifesting activities. 

Just as I am here to guide you all, I am also here to learn from you all, with every reading comes a moment of reflection for myself so I thank you all for trusting me to serve as a vessel between you and your guides and providing me with my own moments of reflection. ​

Policy: About
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