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Creating a Beautiful Birth Experience through Education, Choice & Liberation.

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Pre-Natal Care + Birth & Postpartum Support

Jada has always had a passion for community, health and education with a childhood dream of hers being to be a doctor and that goal continuing to be a high priority in adulthood. Jada became interested in bodywork about two years ago and is now a certified Reiki master who utilizes massage therapy techniques to heal the body, mind and spirit. Through her first year of college, alarmed by maternal mortality rates, she took an interest in birth justice and birth equity and trained as a birth Doula with Birth Day Presence. Jada’s core values as a birth doula is education, choice and liberation. Jada will offer you resources and tools to ensure you feel confident in your birth and ensure you have personal autonomy over all your decisions. She will continue to expand her knowledge and expertise to provide the best support to each birthing person individually. Birth is a transformative and intimate journey and through care, connection and compassion, Jada will ensure this is a moment you remember for all the right reasons! 

One of her biggest challenges as a pre-med student is trying to figure out what she hopes to do with her degree….become a pediatrician, midwife or neonatal nurse practitioner…decisions, decisions!

Jada’s favorites in 3’s: Watching “Real Housewives,” Dancing & Acting. Traveling, Trying New Restaurants & Roller Coasters. Springrolls, Dumplings & Fried Rice.

What to expect from Jada: Expect Jada to always arrive with a smile on her face, excited to tackle any topic along with a notebook and new exercise or stretch to prepare for labor. Jada will always return with research and resources in regards to a question she may not be able to answer and always offer you encouragement, honesty and support every step of the way!

Learn more about Jada on Doulas of Capitol Hill website.

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Jada works as a Birth Doula on the Doulas of Capitol Hill team.

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